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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a job on a production?

Working on a production which has received Northern Ireland Screen funding

Northern Ireland Screen is not responsible for crewing up or casting on productions which film here.  However, we will host calls for crew on productions which receive Northern Ireland Screen funding. When there are live crew calls, they can be found in the Vacancies section/Calls for Crew.

We would advise you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, sign up for our regular e-Zine (see home page of website) and intermittently check back to the Vacancies/Calls for Crew section of the website.

Northern Ireland Screen cannot give out any names, phone numbers, emails, addresses or any other contact details of anyone connected with a production. 

The main function of Northern Ireland Screen is administrating and facilitating funding for film,  television and digital content production in Northern Ireland rather than actual production itself. You can read more about us here.

Work experience, internships, volunteering

Northern Ireland Screen’s Industry Experience programme is open to 16-20 year olds studying Moving Image Arts (MIA) at AS or A level at schools (CCEA MIA Centres*) across Northern Ireland. Students, usually resident in Northern Ireland, not studying MIA but who have attended and completed one of the BFI Film Academies** in Northern Ireland, or have attended and completed the residential BFI Film Academies available across the UK, are also eligible.

Successful candidates will receive meaningful, real-world work experience on Northern Ireland Screen funded productions. Guided by industry experts, all placements are on live action, animated, factual or fiction projects, across film, television and digital content.

Please note that students can only be nominated by their MIA teacher or CCEA MIA Centre, or BFI Film Academy. Applications directly from students or their parents are not eligible.

Placements are allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

Northern Ireland Screen welcomes nominations from CCEA MIA Centres and BFI Film Academies across Northern Ireland, as well as nominations for Northern Ireland students from the BFI Film Academy Residential Courses.

For full details on how to apply for work experience, including application deadlines, please read Northern Ireland Screen’s Work Experience Policy. Applications received after the deadline stipulated in the Work Experience Policy will not be accepted.

nomination form can be downloaded here. Please send completed forms to [email protected]

Work experience opportunities in writing, directing, producing or acting are not offered.

* Moving Image Arts Centre is any institution teaching Moving Image Arts in Northern Ireland

** BFI Film Academies in Northern Ireland are Nerve Centre, Derry~Londonderry; Nerve Belfast; Cinemagic and AMMA Centre, Armagh.

Northern Ireland Screen is not responsible for crewing up on productions. Our main function is administrating and facilitating funding for film and television production in Northern Ireland rather than actual production itself. You can read more about Northern Ireland Screen here.

Crew calls for productions which are funded and facilitated by Northern Ireland Screen will be hosted on our Calls for Crew page.

Our searchable online production guide can be used to contact independent production companies in Northern Ireland.

Please also visit the other pages within the FAQs section of the Northern Ireland Screen website and the Vacancies section for further information.

The various film festivals in Northern Ireland do offer volunteer opportunities and you should visit the websites of the Belfast Film Festival, Cinemagic and Foyle Film Festival for information.

From time to time, the news section of the Northern Ireland Screen website (“News and Events” is accessible from the Northern Ireland Screen website home page) will also host calls for volunteers from the film festivals.

We would advise that you regularly visit our website and/or follow us on our various social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter – links available to these via our home page.  You may also wish to sign up for our regular e-Zine newsletter.

How can I be an extra?

If you are interested in being an extra for a production, please look out for calls on our website. We would recommend you sign up for our e-Zine and follow us on Facebook/Twitter. You may also wish to use our fully searchable online production guide for extras agencies. For information on being an extra in Game of Thrones, please see below.

Please note that Northern Ireland Screen is not responsible for casting on any production which receives funding from Northern Ireland Screen.  The main function of Northern Ireland Screen is administrating and facilitating funding for film, television and digital content production in Northern Ireland rather than actual production itself. You can read more about us here.

The Extras Dept looks after extras for Game of Thrones, please contact them with any queries regarding being an extra on this production.

How do I get a job as an actor?

Northern Ireland Screen is not responsible for casting on any of the productions which it funds and we are unable to give contact details of casting directors and production teams.

We are sorry, but we are unable to give any careers’ advice on how to become an actor, as this is outside of our core remit.

Information on being an extra is available here.

Studios and set visits

Belfast Harbour Studios, Titanic Studios and The Linen Mill Film and Television studios are working studios which house live productions.  They are not open to the public and tours and visits are not possible.

For industry enquiries regarding studio usage, please visit the appropriate pages in the Filming in Northern Ireland section of our website.

Many locations across Northern Ireland are used for filming purposes.  Northern Ireland Screen cannot disclose location information during live shoots.  You may find location information on past productions in our Production Catalogue here.

How do I start a career in the industry?

Northern Ireland Screen receives many queries about starting out in the industry. Please note that we are not the agency for careers and you should find Creative Skillset a useful resource in this area as they offer career navigation for the creative industries.

Additionally, BAFTA Guru has a wealth of advice from industry practitioners, podcasts, interviews and resources for those starting out in the business.

We have also included a link on this page to the National Film & Television School. There are other film schools across the UK and Ireland and you should be prepared to undertake your own research.

ScreenWorks, supported by Northern Ireland Screen and delivered by Into Film, is an exciting new scheme to help young people in Northern Ireland aged 16-19 to explore screen crafts through a range of unique work experiences.

You may find the information in our Skills Development section of interest, and in particular, please note that our Skills Fund is available to support you financially for training and development.

How do I submit a story to the Northern Ireland Screen website?

We are happy to share information regarding the Northern Ireland screen industry on the news section of our website.

If you have a story / event / programme or training initiative, which you would like to promote, we require all relevant information to be supplied in the following format:

  • A headline.
  • Two-three paragraphs on the story.
  • A JPEG image to accompany the article. *Please note, JPEGS must be sized 500 x 500 pixels.*
  • If your story relates to a TV programme or feature film, please ensure you include all relevant dates, times and broadcaster information in the text.
  • Please note, we are unable to publish TX cards.

If you would like to submit a job vacancy to the Northern Ireland Screen vacancies section, please submit the information in the following format:

  • A brief job description.
  • A personal specification.
  • A closing date.
  • A contact email address or telephone number for applications.

Any stories submitted to the Northern Ireland Screen website will be published at our discretion as priority will be given to Northern Ireland Screen related content.

To submit a story, please email [email protected].

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