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Skills & Training

Skills Fund

What is it?

The Skills Fund is a grant offered to individuals working in the Northern Ireland screen sector and is designed to support financially those participating in training or development courses.

A key principle of the fund is that attendance at a training course should lead to advancement of skills, expertise and general career development and this in turn should positively impact on the screen industry in Northern Ireland. Consideration will be given to the appropriateness of the proposed course in terms of developing the individual’s personal skills.

A bursary can be awarded to an individual who is resident in Northern Ireland and currently working within Northern Ireland’s independent film, television and digital sector. Applicants should normally have at least one year’s experience working within the independent film, television and digital sector. In each individual case the applicant must be able to demonstrate a strategic need to attend the event.

Funding may be awarded for up to 75% of the applicant’s total budget or £2,000, whichever is the lesser amount.

The balance of funding can be matched in cash from the individual applicant or from another private source.

It is a rolling fund with no set deadlines.

Who can apply?

Northern Ireland resident individuals who have been accepted onto a skills development or training course.

How do I apply?

In the first instance please send your up-to-date CV and details of the course you wish to attend, including all costs, to Paula Campbell.

Applications should be received no later than 3 weeks before the start of your course. For example, if your course starts on 1st April then apply no later than 8th March.

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