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Future Screens: Perspectives on Storytelling

Date Posted: June 25, 2020

Future Screens NI, Northern Ireland Screen and The Seamus Heaney Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast are hosting workshops on the Perspectives on Storytelling.

Film-makers and fiction writers alike aim to tell a story — but what do film and fiction have in common as forms of narrative, how do they differ and what can they learn from one another? In this workshop we will explore these questions by making the comparison between the two forms. By analysing examples from novels, short stories and other forms of narrative on the page, we’ll share knowledge, find new perspectives on participants’ experience of telling stories on film, and consider how the tools and techniques of fiction-writing might inform what film storytellers do. Each workshop will feature a guest speaker from another creative field, including literary fiction, children’s literature and theatre, who will help us to expand our discussion of storytelling further.

This workshop is open to participants with any professional background in film, with a focus on the following four areas: higher-budget feature film, lower-budget feature film, TV series, documentary film.

Enquiries and registration: [email protected]

This event will be held as a virtual workshop by video conference.

If you would like to register, please specify which one of the four dates you would like to attend. Please include a sentence describing your previous experience of film-related work.

July 10th, 1pm
(Feature film, smaller budget)
Guest Speaker: Louise Kennedy

July 17th, 1pm
(TV Series)
Guest Speaker: Vittoria Cafolla

July 24th, 1pm
(Feature film, larger budget)
Guest Speaker: Myra Zepf

July 31st, 1pm
Guest Speaker: Emma Warnock

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