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Pablo, ‘House Time Special’ to support audiences in a post covid 19 world

Date Posted: June 11, 2020

Holywood based Paper Owl Films’ was recently commissioned by CBeebies to produce a special episode of Pablo, the 2D animated show about the adventures of a fun, smart and curious five-year-old boy with autism. In his ‘House Time Special’ Pablo shares his thoughts about the new and difficult things that he has not had to deal with before. As Pablo works through the challenges of House Time, audiences see that for him things have changed, and things will change again when quarantine ends and there are new routines as we go forward with another new social script. Pablo’s Special House Time episode will air on CBeebies at 11.20am on Friday 12th June.

Pablo reflects on his experiences and inspires us by showing how these changes can be figured out and can bring new opportunities – with a little help from our inner coping strategies of course.

Pablo has had to be in the house a lot more than before. He thinks about what it was like getting used to this and worries about things having to change again. With his Book Animal friends, Pablo creates a sparkly place, to embrace the things that he knows and loves, and remembers that even though some things keep changing, not everything has to change.

The creator of Pablo, Grainne McGuinness, said: “We are delighted about the creation of this episode and to try and reflect something of the autistic experience for all children in this moment in the world. We hope this episode inspires young audiences and shows them that there are ways to frame new events with the things we have already learned, when we faced challenges before.”

Sarah Legg-Barratt, Producer, CBeebies Animation & Acquisitions, agreed: “In these unsettling times it can be difficult for our young audiences to grasp the radical changes to daily life that have occurred over the past few months, and Pablo’s House Time deals with that change in a sensitive and optimistic way.”

Richard Williams, CEO of Northern Ireland Screen said: “We are very proud to be able to support such an important project from Paper Owl. Not only has this commission provided employment for their team during a very difficult time for the industry, but the end result will help all children all across the UK and Ireland engage with our new normal.”


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