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Access Shorts Decision 2017

Date Posted: February 3, 2017

Northern Ireland Screen is delighted to announce that five short films have been chosen to go into production from its Access Shorts scheme.

Access Shorts is an initiative to find film-makers exclusively from groups that are under-represented in the film and television sector:


Writer/Director: Margaret McGoldrick

A determined teacher. An unassuming child. And one mischievous fairy.

Maeve is a twelve year old student whose teacher, Miss Hayes, is determined that she and her class to understand the triumph of literature that became William Shakespeare. Miss Hayes urges her class to look beyond the aged dialogue and see at the heart of each Shakespearian sonnet or play is a story that transcends the time it was born to. Unbeknownst to her, she has a surprising ally, one which is only visible to Maeve. Puck, our mischievous partaker and audience narrator from Shakespeare’s own A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes it upon himself to show Maeve that there are in fact reasons that the even famed bard stood the test of time.


Writer/Director: Don McCamphill

Jason’s life is in drift when he falls in love with Eddy, a beautiful stranger – but Eddy refuses to speak. In due course it becomes clear that he’s in the closet. Jason longs to bring their relationship, forged in silence and in darkness, into the light. But Eddy isn’t ready to be open about his sexuality, and in pressing the issue Jason almost loses him. Looking round him Jason realises that most of what people say is meaningless, and without a word, he and Eddy communicate so much more. He embraces a life of silence with Eddy. They will express their love in other ways.


Writer/Director: Stacey Gregg

Three generations of strong women navigate the choppy waters of grief, united by the loss of one man. For each, this means a reckoning of unexpected courage and honesty.


Writer/Director: Rebekah Davis

When Lola returns home at Christmas after graduating from university, she is welcomed by her proud family. Lola’s older brother, James, is excited to see her but is also jealous of the life she is living. Unable to finish his music degree due to a hand injury, James is angry and bitter at the world, believing the celebrations she is receiving should have been for him. Throughout the night Lola and James revisit their relationship, explore the past and present, understand their hopes and dreams, and how sometimes the only person you should do things for is yourself.


Writer/Director: Helen Warner

In this Irish Fable, a free spirited woman excites the disapproval of her fellow villagers with her carefree ways. When her dress is found washed up on the shore, the people of the village must face their shortcomings and revaluate the woman’s role in their lives.

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