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Multiscreen Freelancer fund

Multiscreen Freelancers is a pilot fund that encourages Northern Ireland interactive companies (video games, immersive) to engage with freelancers from other screen sectors (film/TV, animation, VFX, documentary etc.) and arts sectors (live events, theatre etc.) that have skills which could be used to add value to interactive projects. The aim of the fund is to encourage greater collaboration between interactive companies and other screen/arts industries, as well as supporting freelancers in refining transferable skills which can be used on interactive projects.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on the traditional screen sectors such as film/TV, as well as the arts, there is group of talented freelancers currently with less work, or not working at all, with skills which can add value to interactive projects and support the development of the Northern Ireland interactive sector.

For example:

  • A live sound engineer mixing sound for VR
  • A film fiction writer supporting narrative design for an RPG game
  • A production coordinator providing planning and scheduling support
  • A gaffer providing advice on how to light a scene in a video game cut scene

Multiscreen Freelancers will run from November 1st to March 31st and Northern Ireland Screen will support the cost of a freelancer position up to £2,000 per month. Freelancers can be engaged for any length of time; however, the latest companies can apply for the support is Dec 15th with positions starting at the latest 1st Jan. All positions should finish by March 31st.

Interactive companies that wish to take part will be required to recruit and identify a freelancer that can provide the additional skills/support needed for their project. Ensuring that proper recruitment procedures are followed, and that Equality and Fair Employment is considered.


  • Participating companies wishing to use the fund must notify Northern Ireland Screen of the positions they wish to fill and for what project prior to recruitment.
  • Participating companies can be from the Northern Ireland video game or immersive industries.
  • Funds will be paid on a monthly basis upon completion of the recruitment process by applicant companies and on presenting invoices.
  • Freelancer must be resident within Northern Ireland.
  • Freelancer should come from other screen or arts industries e.g. film/TV, animation, music theatre etc or have limited experience of the video game or immersive industries.
  • Freelancer must not be a current full-time employee of the applicant company.
  • Freelancer must not be in full time education. However, undergrads on their industry year will be accepted.
  • Freelancer can be engaged for any position e.g Concept Art / 3D Animation / 2D Animation / Game Design / Writing / Programming / Sound / Producing / Marketing.

Those interested in taking part please contact Rory, [email protected], for further details.

As the programme is a pilot there is a limited number of freelancers that can be supported and will be done on a first come first serve basis.

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