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Creative Animation

Northern Ireland Screen’s Creative Animation Scheme is designed to develop Northern Ireland resident junior creators/animators through the production of animated short films. The scheme provides junior level creators/animators with the opportunity to develop their own ideas with support from established animation companies.

It is Northern Ireland Screen’s ambition that completed short films would be submitted to accredited film festivals and could have a successful festival run after delivery of the film.

The scheme is supported via funding from the Screen Fund and BFI Network. Northern Ireland Screen will support the production of up to two animated short films through funding awarded in the financial year 2022-23.

The scheme is currently open for applications with a deadline of Friday 29th July 2022.


The scheme is open to Northern Ireland based animation companies which have identified emerging talent that could be supported through this funding to develop and create animated short films. The identified individual (creator/animator) should not be a principal of the company and should not currently be working in IP generation.

The scheme is designed to ensure that the animation company can provide the support and guidance needed for the creator/animator to deliver a quality animated short film on schedule and budget. As such the applicant animation company must have a substantive base. This includes:

  • Long term premises in Northern Ireland;
  • At least 5 full time employees which can include people on short term contracts;
  • The facilities to produce and deliver an animated short


Max Budget per film: £40,000
Duration: 5 – 10 minutes
Delivery by: Friday 30th September 2023
Required deliverables:

  • ProRes 4:2:2 HQ File on Hard drive;
  • MEG4 HD h.264 viewing file created from the master file. The file should be set for streaming at 5Mb/s;
  • Selection of stills; and
  • An IMDB page for the production, listing all cast and crew, and crediting BFI NETWORK [gb] as a Production Company.

Northern Ireland based production companies can make an application for the full budget of £40,000.


  • The applicant company should be a Northern Ireland based animation production company with a substantive base;
  • The creator/animator should be a Northern Ireland resident;
  • The creator/animator identified should not currently be working in IP generation and should not be a principal of the company;
  • If an award is made the applicant company must engage in a formal option agreement with the creator/animator regarding the project;
  • If the project is based on existing work then the company needs to have the rights to develop it;
  • The funding is to support the creator/animator to produce an animated short.


All applications including supporting documentation must be received by Friday 29th July 2022. All applications will be assessed with decisions intended to be made in September 2022.


Please contact Christine Morrow, New and Emerging Talent Executive, ([email protected]) to discuss a potential application before applying. After this discussion a link to the online application form will be sent out Alongside the general supporting documentation, the following items are also required:

  • A CV for the creator/animator;
  • Story outline, treatment including concept art and a script for the project;
  • A provisional schedule for the project.

All applicants must complete an online application form. Please ensure that all supporting documentation is submitted either online with your application or via email to Kari-Anne Proctor, Funding Executive ([email protected]).

Failure to provide the requested supporting documentation will result in your application being eliminated from the Creative Animation call.


  • Northern Ireland Screen and the BFI are committed to ensuring that we consult with active practitioners within the disabled filmmaking community about current and future projects where there is a portrayal of disability and also in respect of industry access. We want to see films that are authentically and mindfully cast with disabled actors and also see more non-specific casting, creating roles and visibility for disabled actors which do not reference disability as part of the theme or narrative. In support of this and to avoid reinforcing negative stereotypes, we will no longer support work gratuitously featuring facially scarred villains. Supporting equal pay for disabled actors and filmmakers means that Northern Ireland Screen will now consider applications that include project costs related to access requirements for disabled practitioners and will have the ability to provide funding for such elements in addition to a scheme’s normal funding cap.
  • All productions supported by Northern Ireland Screen will be required to make a contribution to the ScreenSkills Fund. The Film Skills Fund directly supports skills and training for the UK film projects receiving public funding are required to pay into the fund as a condition of access to their investment. Producers will have to pay 0.5 per cent of their core UK expenditure to the Film Skills Fund. The ceiling on any one production is capped at £61,000. This should appear as a line item in the budget. This levy does not replace any existing provision for the employment of trainees that may be in the budget: The Film Skills Fund levy is an additional cost. For further details of how to calculate the levy on your budget contact the Film Production Coordinator Rebecca Hanser at [email protected] or visit the-film-skills-fund/.
  • All productions supported by Northern Ireland Screen must commit to, and adhere to, The Code of Practice for the Screen Industry in Northern Ireland published by Northern Ireland Screen. A copy of this code is available on the application website.
  • All productions have a responsibility to promote environmental sustainability. Producers are expected to complete Albert Sustainable Production training in advance of commencing production and will be required to supply a carbon calculation as part of the required.
  • All productions are required to adhere to and promote the set of principles aimed at tackling and preventing bullying, harassment and racism in the screen industries (the “Principles”) and related guidance (the “Guidance”) commissioned by the BFI in partnership with BAFTA, with the input of leading screen sector industry organisations, Challenge Consultants (specialists in equality, diversity and inclusion training and policy development) and in line with advice from workplace experts The Principles and Guidance are available on the BFI website and will be regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Producers are expected to create an IMDB page for the production, listing all cast and crew, and crediting BFI NETWORK [gb] as a Production Company.

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