What is the BFI NET.WORK?

The NET.WORK is the BFI’s new initiative to create a joined up network of people charged with finding filmmakers who have the potential to make a feature film and nurturing them to the point that they are ready to do so. The initiative is UK wide with points of access in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The main idea is to provide more resources and more expertise to this important area of development in order to better nurture our filmmakers of the future whilst also creating a knowledge and information-sharing network so that these resources and expertise can be applied in a more targeted and effective way. There will be two aspects to the NET.WORK. The first will be physical centres with people who will work with emerging talent and offer short filmmaking opportunities for new talent, and the second will be a website which will be targeted at new talent (coming on Spring 2014).

Who will be running the NET.WORK?

The BFI is working with national partners to deliver the NET.WORK. These are Creative England, Creative Scotland, Film Agency for Wales and Northern Ireland Screen.

What will the NET.WORK look like in the other nations?

Each nation has an agency devoted to working with filmmakers to develop and support their work. The talent needs in each area have been identified to be slightly different and each agency has formulated an offer to help filmmakers in their area with a targeted initiative.

What will Northern Ireland Screen be doing with regard to the NET.WORK?

Northern Ireland Screen have already been running some new talent programmes, including the recent "London Readings" initiative, to introduce and showcase our emerging talent to London-based producers and talent agents through a series of performed readings and networking activities.

More information about our Net.Workshops can be found here.

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