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Wig and postiché workshop for film, theatre and TV

The Patricia Strong Training Academy is holding a 2-day wig and postiché workshop for film, theatre and television. The course will be held in Belfast on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th May.

Course content

  • Etiquette and code of conduct, health and safety on set 
  • How to choose the right size, shape and style of wig for the artiste and to include research of period
  • Measuring
  • Making a template
  • Preparing artiste for fitting of wig
  • Fitting of wig
  • Maintenance of wig and postiché during performances
  • Setting and dressing of wigs using fillers, crepe hair, etc
  • Removal of wig 
  • Cleaning and storing of wig
  • Blocking
  • Materials, equipment and products
  • Cutting of wigs
  • How to read a call sheet and the designer’s brief
Course fee is £450

Northern Ireland resident applicants may be eligible for Skills Bursary funding from Northern Ireland Screen.

Application form can be downloaded here.

Participants are asked to bring the following:

  • Combs: pin/cutting/dressing/wide tooth
  • Brushes: dressing out brushes 
  • Razor, scissors and thinning scissors (old scissors not your salon scissors) 
  • Measuring tape, pen and notepad, camera, section clips
  • Hotsticks (will be supplied if you don’t have them)

  • Partners
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