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Straandlooper at Mipcom 2009

Northern Ireland based studio Straandlooper, is bringing three wildly differing animated titles to Mipcom this year. Joint Managing Director Richard Morss says, “We’ve covered as wide a demographic base as we could with an eye to both new and traditional markets, trying to remain TV friendly while avoiding the huge ‘bulk’ series that are so difficult first to finance, then to recoup; so we’re building our pre-school property Lifeboat Luke, making shorts for on-line, downloads, TV and as curtain raisers, while developing and publishing iPhone Applications and games.”

Straandlooper is joining forces with Dublin based Monster Distributes to produce a new half hour ‘Special’ based on its 52x5 minute series for 4-7year olds, Lifeboat Luke.

Provisionally entitled Snowdiddleyhohohelp! the Special, set around New Year Festivities, introduces the eager and inexperienced young Lifeboat Luke to the inhabitants of Donaghadoo - a mad magical Irish seaside town, and features all the series most popular characters as well as some new arrivals - the Beach Lifeguards and a mysterious and bizarre Circus of the Sea.

Like the series, the Special will combine fast moving adventure, slapstick comedy, quirky characters and music, with the delivery of age appropriate sea and coastal safety messages for its young audience. Delivery is for Autumn/Winter 2010. Lifeboat Luke is a great success in Ireland, showing on RTE2’s Dentots in English and Irish, on RTV Slovenia and the M-Net Hidef
network in South Africa. It is set to launch this year on Denmark’s DR2 and Al-jezeera’s Children’s Channel (Jcctv) in the Middle East with many further licenses in negotiation.

For the other end of the audience spectrum, Straandlooper is unveiling the latest in its outrageous collection of satirical shorts, Small Tragedies – this time a Country and Western debacle, Dwayne Plugg - A Total Pillock. The animation style is Deadwood meets Captain Pugwash, the vocals probably match and “Cain’t git it up!”, the rousing (sic) chorus, gives an idea of the subject. The
film is the fifth Small Tragedy designed for TV, download and as curtain raisers for features. The first five of fifteen planned have already been licensed to Russia’s controversial satirical TV Channel 2x2 and have attracted interest from many territories including UK, France, Canada, Latin America and the US.

Somewhere between the two, aimed at 16-34 year olds, is our spoof crime drama, Hector: Fat Arse of the Law. Two stand alone shorts, The Interrogator and The Stakeout, have been licensed to TV Channel 2x2. A feature length mystery, The Clapper’s Jigsaw Massacre, is in the pipeline, currently with co-production and finance negotiations underway, but the property will be
formally launched internationally with the release of a game, Badge of Carnage, at the end of this year.

Find out more and see screeners in the viewing room at


Richard Morss
[email protected]
+44 (0)78 1411 4845

Monster Distributes
Laura Kilpatrick
[email protected]
+353 1 4611 4934

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